Personalized drumsticks

Every drummer has his own style. Why not his own drumsticks, too?

Get your personal signature sticks now!

Personalize your sticks with an individual laser engraving and show your creativity and individualism to the world! Choose a model, any desired text and a font- we engrave your design onto first-class hickory sticks.

The high-quality laser engraving gives your drumsticks a unique look.
These engraved eye-catchers are also ideal as a gift for drummers and all those who want to become one!

You will have your individually branded sticks delivered to your home within a few days.

Each pair is pitch paired and weight matched!

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Hickory is an American hardwood that is preferred by most drummers due to its balance of weight, stability and hardness.
Hickory is known as an excellent shock absorber and is therefore easy on the wrists, which makes it easier to play without tiring.
For these reasons, our drumsticks are made exclusively from the highest quality hickory wood and thus meet the highest quality standards.

Customized Sticks - 5B, 5A, 7A